AGELESS: anti-aging cosmetic

Anti-wrinkle "botox like" product with immediate effect, in two to four minutes.

It is a cream containing argireline which is the essential component of anti-wrinkle creams.


Mode of action of argireline: it limits the transmission of nerve impulses responsible for muscle contraction. The less contracting muscle reduces the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


Results: reduction of wrinkle depth up to 60%.


Zones to be treated: the action is maximum on:


The periorbital area:

  • Cross feet,
  • lion's ritide,
  • under eyes bags.



This cosmetic treatment can be used either:


  • As a replacement for Botox treatment for patients who do not wish to inject product or who fear needles.
  • In addition to prolong and strengthen the action of Botox. The interest in this case is to be able to space Botox injections at 2 per year and always have an excellent result between sessions.
  • For a boost and an immediate "good-looking" effect.


The duration of effect of the cream is 8 to 12 hours.

Cosmétique anti-âge