I-Prf is the 100% biocompatible cutaneous bio-revitalization treatment that has a direct action on dermal cells, resulting in a visible renewal of the skin.

The treatment begins with a blood sample, in a dry tube without chemical additive (contrary to the PRP), which is centrifuged according to a specific protocol to obtain a concentration of growth factors in a fibrin network. These active ingredients will be slowly released into the skin for maximum effectiveness.

This treatment is done either in needle mesotherapy or mesopen.

I-PRP : Injections Plasma Riche en Fibrine

An equation sums up its effects

i-Prf = 4T + C

the 4T effect on the skin results in a cutaneous rejuvenation with an improved Dermis Texture allowing a smoothing of fine lines and imperfections, a renewed Tonicity of skin, The complexion brightens and a Touch of the skin while softness
The C of the equation recalls that i-Prf is the new effective treatment for hair loss. A noticeable slowing down of hair loss occurs and a regrowth appears with increased hair density and a thickening of the hair that will also be more silky and shiny. These effects allow to widen the hair indications to dull, brittle, devitalized hair and to people wishing to preserve their hair capital.

Injections Plasma Riche en Fibrine : pru00e9paration
Injections Plasma Riche en Fibrine : pru00e9paration
Plasma Riche en Fibrine : injections
Centrifugation du Plasma Riche en Fibrine
I-PRF Injections plasma riche en Fibrine