Lip treatment

Taking care of your lips is essential when it comes to having a beautiful face. In addition to tissue degradation due to age, they are assaulted daily by external factors such as climate conditions (cold, sun) and smoking.

The lips are composed of three anatomical areas :


  • The white lip
  • hem or lip
  • red lip


The aging of the lips is progressive:

Stageclinical signsanatomical correspondance treatment
Iweakening and dehydration of the red lipthe red lipinjection of hyaluronic acid into the red lip with a micro-cannula
IIappearance of wrinkles on the white lip during facial expressions but without wrinkles on the outline;; increased dehydration of the red lipwhite lip; red lip injection of hyaluronic acid in the red lip with a micro-cannula, and in a light way in the white lip in prevention. It is possible to inject hyaluronic acid in the the lip contour
IIIthe wrinkles of the white lip cross the contour during facial expression; Loss of volume of the red lipRed lip,white lip, lip contour, injection of hyaluronic acid in the red lip with a micro-canula slight injection of the white lip
IVthe perioral wrinkles are permanent loss of volume overall lipRed lip,white lip, lip contour, the perioral areawe use the same technique as for stage 3 also strengthening the perioral structures

Different types of hyaluronic acid can be used depending on the indication and the expected result. For a young person it is a very flexible hyaluronic acid (Volbella) which will be deposited to give a more pulpy aspect to the lips. Over time, the lips will need support in order to limit the appearance of the perioral wrinkles (sun wrinkles). At this time we will use a hyaluronic acid (Volift) more cohesive but still flexible to not interfere with the natural movement of the lips. The treatment of the marionette lines and the chin have a complementary action essential in stage IV and require the use of a very cohesive hyaluronic acid (Voluma) to give support to the mouth commissures and unroll the lower lip , making it more pulpy.

Lip treatment