The MD codes

This is The New Philosophy of fully customizable anti-aging facial treatment.

MD Codes

Assessment of the patient's need

The patient is at the center of a static and dynamic approach to the wrinkles and volumes of his face, which the complete analysis is the key to success. This analysis will lead to the treatment plan.

Definition of injection points

The MD codes technique was conceived and developed by a well-known Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mauricio Di Maio. He relied on his anatomical knowledge and his surgical practice to define a natural and rewarding treatment of the face related of aging signs.

The 75 precise injection points were strategically defined from the anatomical and surgical data of the different compartments of the face taking into account the bone reliefs, fatty compartments, vascular and nerve structures.
Each injection site corresponds to an indication that depends on underlying local anatomical factors such as bone resorption or fat compartment, but also on the mobility of the area and its movement, before and after any correction.

Target areas

Zones d
  • forehead,
  • cheekbones and temples,
  • cheeks,the tears trough,
  • the lips,
  • jaw,
  • the nasolabial folds,
  • marionette lines,
  • the chin.

Injection strategy

  • Each point has a specific type of hyaluronic acid depending on the desired effect;
  • Injection technique: needle or cannula;
  • Injection mode: bolus, backward or fan;
  • Injection depth: in superficial, medium or deep layer;
  • Injection volumes are also coded to avoid over-correction.

A tool that is both technical and artistic

The purpose of the MD Codes is to gently modify the face by erasing age-related signs with more precise, more discreet and more effective injections with the "french touch". They make the best use of the latest innovations in injectables by pushing back the limits of aesthetic medicine.

MD Codes