BEAUTYFICATION: Action or process of improving the appearance of a person

Facial beautification treatment will take different forms depending on the patient's expectation.

Patients who want a simple embellishment by improving or reinforcing certain physical details in order to be more attractive, the objective may be to:


  • Redraw the lips to magnify a smile or make luscious lips.
  • Intensify a look.
  • Subtly optimize the proportions of the face by acting on the volume of the cheekbones or the chin.
  • Correct an irregularity of the nose.

Patients who are embarrassed by a facial feature that does not seem to be in harmony, the goal will be a correction of what they consider a problem.

Beautification anti-âge

Positive aging patients, their wish is often to erase the gap they perceive between the age they feel and the image they convey. The objective may be:


  • Soften the visible signs of time.
  • Tone or simply refresh their appearance.
  • Look less sad or less tired.
  • Rebalance facial volumes.
  • To look good.


In front of all expectations so varied the answer can’t be standardized. The needs initially expressed by patients do not necessarily reflect the cause of their request. There may be a significant gap between the areas that patients think they need to treat and the results they imagine. It is therefore essential in the first step of care to accompany them and help them in their reflection.

Only once you understand the feelings and emotions of the patients it will be possible to move on to the second stage of care and propose a tailor-made personalized treatment plan.
This treatment plan will be sequenced and adapted to the wishes of patients with the long-term goal of prevention and treatment of aging.


C’est uniquement une fois compris les ressentis et les émotions des patients qu’il sera possible de passer à la seconde étape de la prise en charge et de proposer un plan de traitement sur-mesure parfaitement personnalisé.


Ce plan de traitement sera séquencé et adapté aux souhaits des patients avec pour objectif sur le long terme la prévention et le traitement du vieillissement.