The treatment plan details the combination of treatments for effective and complete rejuvenation

The visible signs of aging of the skin involve processes of degradation of the skin, fat, muscles and bone. There is no single treatment or technique but a combination of different treatments to repair and even better to prevent the damage of time. The treatment of wrinkles must be global and be interested in the cause of them involving different techniques depending on the area to be treated. These techniques are often combined to obtain an optimal result. Treatments will have to act on different causes at different depths.


The means of treatment at our disposal are:


  • Hyaluronic acid retains 1000 times it's weight in water and is the essential factor in maintaining cutaneous hydration. It is normally produced by cells and fibroblasts, of which the activity diminishes with time. With the diminishing production of Hyaluronic acid, skin loses it's tone, wastes away and dehydrates.
  • Hyaluronic acid will be injected at different depths in order to pulp the skin. The more that is injected superficially, the more it hydrates the skin's epidermis and the more injected in depth, the better the results will be in regards to giving skin volume. This fills in the hollow areas that have been created by bone loss or by the wasting away of deep and superficial skin fat.
  • Botox works on the muscle structure of the upper third part of the face in order to diminish the muscular tension responsible for wrinkles on the forehead, crow's feet and frown lines. The relaxing of muscular tension in the face diminishes wrinkles in this way.
  • The i-PRF, skin boosters and vitamins intervene to restore a radiant complexion, an improvement of the tonicity and the cutaneous texture.
  • The thermal ultrasound (Ultraformer3) depending on the depth of treatment induce the creation of new fibers of elastin and collagen resulting in a lift effect on the face neck and décolleté, but also destroy localized fat deposits ( like the double chin).
  • The lasers by their thermal action smooth and firm the skin acting on the cutaneous tension, the texture, the spots and the brightness of the complexion, the wrinkles and the scars.
  • Mechanical ultrasound (UltraShape V3) destroys the localized fat deposits permanently.


During the first consultation, a precise study of the areas to be treated is carried out.

Regarding the face:

The face is examined both at rest and in motion (static and dynamic study) which allows to precisely determine the sites and volumes to inject in order to maintain a natural appearance and to respect the harmonious proportions dictated by the golden ratio.

Concerning the body:

Areas where fat deposits exists are delineated.

Then different parameters are determined:


  • measurement of the area of the greasy zone.
  • measurement of the thickness of the adipose panniculus to be treated.


They will determine the type of machine to use and the number of sessions needed.


All these techniques and their indications are discussed during the first consultation at the end of which you get a personalized proposal, the treatment plan, a true synthesis of the care that is offered to you.


On this document are indicated:


  • The areas to be treated
  • The products used
  • The different techniques
  • The quantity of product used (number of syringes)
  • Prioritization of care
  • The fee

We determine together a personalized calendar adapted to your schedule and your budget, for a gradual and gentle treatment to find a radiant and youthful skin with a natural appearance.

Treatment Plan